Stay... A song of love, peace and determination.

Official Music Video:  May 3, 2019

Stay (Radio Edit) Single Release Date: April 29th, 2019 
From the album: to be continued… released Oct, 2018

Someone asked me to describe my feelings for my sweetheart. It is so difficult to describe love. I told them that the first time I don’t feel the need to have a backup plan and I didn’t have a suitcase in the closet ready to go in case I wanted to leave. I know I am finally safe in his arms.

Song Lyrics

©Francine Honey (SOCAN)

Light’s coming in through the window,
I love watching you sleep
My head finds its way to your pillow,
Warm breath, heart beat
A lifetime to find you. I never knew
 Love could hold such peace

Stay, I’m gonna stay,
Not walkin’ away, this time
Safe in the arms of a good man,
Someone who stands by my side

We always found something romantic,
‘Bout a storm rolling in, 
You’ll find me through lightings’ flashes,
When the dark comes in again

Thunder may shake us, Winds kick up dust
Make our whole world spin

Repeat Chorus
For the first time, I don’t have a suitcase packed
For the first time, no white flag or backup plan.
For the first time, I know down deep inside

Repeat Chorus

Listen To Stay (Radio Edit) -Single

  1. Stay (Radio Edit) Francine Honey 4:17

Listen To Full-Length Album Version

  1. Stay Francine Honey 4:54

2018 International Songwriting Competition

Song: STAY
Category: Sing Your Heart Out / Love Songs
Category: Americana
Honourable Mention #7

2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition

Song: STAY
Category: Folk/Singer-songwriter

Fall 2019 Austin Songwriter’s Group Songwriting Contest 

Song: STAY
Category: Country

Category: Love Songs

Category: Singer-Songwriter

2019 Songwriting Contest

Song: STAY
Category: Love Songs
Category: Singer-Songwriter

View Live Performance:
Day Time Rogers TV - Ottawa Ontario

View Live Performance:
Blue Bird Cafe - Nashville, Tennessee

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Francine Honey: Lead and Background Vocals
Beth Neilsen Chapman: Background Vocals
Will Kimbrough: Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Kris Donegan: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Dan Mitchell: Keys, Fluglehorn. Background Vocals
Dean Marold: Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Eamon McLoughlin: Fiddle

Dylan Alldredge : Recording Engineer
Recorded at Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Dylan Alldredge and Neilson Hubbard
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by Jim DeMain at YES Master
Photos by Neilson Hubbard and Joshua Britt
Artwork by Kyle Atkinson, Craft Design House
© ℗ 2018 Francine Honey (SOCAN) Published by SongsByFrancine

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