Latest Single: "The We, We Used To Be" Out Now!!

New Single "Cadillac" Coming Oct 6th, 2023!

Single: I'm Outta Here

Single: Come Sit In My Chair

Latest News: 2023 Awards And I Carry On Experience ending soon!

2023 Songwriter of the Year, including Most Inspirational Song for "Hold On"!

Thank you to the ASGI for this incredible award!

i carry on

Life is a journey where you don't get to choose your own adventure. This album will inspire you and take you on a journey through the valleys and hills of life. Celebrate the fact that you're here today listening to the music. You found a way to Carry On. You can purchase the album below or come on an adventure with me. Find some time for yourself, and when you're ready, come on a journey with me. I will lead you through every step.