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Francine Honey EPK (For Rockets In My Boots)



Francine Honey is an internationally acclaimed Songwriter, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Independent  Recording Artist, Record and Video Producer. Francine offers a blend of Americana, Alt-Country,  Singer-Songwriter, Folk, and Blues, creating a unique and soulful sound. She is known for her heartfelt and authentic music with a mission to help people one song at a time. Francine believes that by sharing her life stories in song, others will know they are not alone through life’s ups and downs.  

Francine’s talent and stories have been acknowledged by many including the Austin Songwriting Group in Texas, where she received first-place honours in the Country and Singer-Songwriter categories for her songs “Stay” and “Can’t Break Through to You” in 2022. That same year, she was awarded a scholarship by the Buddy Holly Educational Fund in Lubbock, Texas and asked to be part of the invitation-only Next Level Music Group based out of Austin, writing with current Nashville hit writers. Francine was most recently awarded the 2023 Songwriter of the Year Award by the Austin Songwriter Group International  with 10 song placements, winning in the Blues, Folk/Americana, Love Songs and Inspirational  categories. 

Starting with the story, adding in a rich, warm voice along with either a guitar, piano, lap steel, ukulele or the Crystal Singing Bowls and an empathetic soul, and you have the recipe for a healing experience when listening to her music. With the intent to inspire others, she continues to share her stories through song.

Her own journey through life has been full of twists and turns. Although she’s been making music since childhood, Honey never dreamed of making it a career. Instead, she studied mathematics and computer science, got married, had kids, and worked as a project manager in the Canadian Federal Government. Her life seemed perfect. A near-simultaneous breakup and job loss forced her to relocate, find a new career and raise a family alone. Music went on the back burner; she never stopped writing, and songs went unfinished. “I finally realized I had stories to share, and there was still an opportunity for me to turn my musical hobby into my profession.” She is the graduate of the Berklee College Of Music Professional Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program and has studied songwriting with many of her idols in Nashville.

She left her career in 2013 to pursue music full-time under her maiden name Francine Leclair. She self-produced her 2008 debut album An Ordinary Woman in her living room. It was followed in 2014 by Re-Drawn, produced by Lang Bliss in Nashville. In 2015, she re-recorded many of her early songs for the EP An Ordinary Woman (In Studio) with Mark Plancke of SharkTank Productions in Windsor,  ON. Honey took a few years to work on her craft, studying, exploring, and chasing her sound.

As a bilingual artist, Francine released several French singles, including “Chez mon oncle Lucien” and  “Floçons de neiges sur mes cils,” which received regular airplay on various radio stations including SiriusXM CBC Franco Country. Her French version of the song “I Soldier On,” titled “Je vis sans limites,”  continues to be sought out for Remembrance Day ceremonies in schools.

In 2018, Francine embarked on a collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Neilson Hubbard in Nashville, TN. She recorded her full-length album, “to be continued…” live off the floor in just six days and found the sound that she had been hearing in her head for her music. The album garnered critical acclaim worldwide, with her song “Stay” reaching the top 10 finalist position in the 2018 International Songwriting  Competition in the Americana and Blues categories. among thousands of entries globally. The song “Snowflakes on my Eyelashes” reached millions of people and to this day continues to help people through loss with the music video. Her song “Open Road” received CBC Country Radio airplay.

Francine released the album Take Me to the North Pole in 2019, featuring 2 original songs along with re-imagined Christmas classics infused with a Country-Americana southern swagger. The album was recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top 50 Christmas Albums of the Year.

Francine released an A and B side single double release in October 2020, featuring tracks “2020 Vision” and “Can’t Press Reset.” These singles, along with subsequent single releases with “I’m Coming Home”, “Lightning,” “Hunker Down” and “One Big Party” culminated in her full-length album “I Carry On,” released in November 2022. Songs from the album garnered critical acclaim, securing two #1 spots in Canada and London, England, and earning recognition in songwriting contests like the Blues and Roots Radio Songwriting Contest, the International Songwriting Competition, and the UK Songwriting Competition.

In 2023 she began releasing a song a month starting in June with “Come Sit in My Chair” along with a variety of video representations leading up to the release of her 7th album entitled “Rockets In My Boots, Volume I” in Nov 2023. Volumes II and III are being released in 2024.

While Honey is not a touring artist per-se, Francine will be joined by Gabriel Rhodes (Willie Nelson, Kimmie Rhodes) from Austin, Texas in June 2024 for a round of live performances in Ontario, Canada. Outside of that, you will find her performing as part of her international travels at festival showcases; Songwriter In-The-Round events; live streams; private events presenting custom written personal songs; conferences after having worked with a team to write a theme song based on the organizations’ goals and values; or, meeting with music supervisors and writing songs for their upcoming projects. Francine continues to release music. Her 4R motto of wRite, Record, Release  and Repeat has her buzzing in the Honey Music Hive.  

“I just want to keep going, writing and producing remarkable songs. I am a songwriter and storyteller. I  know I’ll do this the rest of my life. This is my legacy, one song at a time.” 

In 2021 Francine started writing for a special project entitled “Rockets In My Boots”, her life story in song for far.  Honey wrote songs to fill in the gaps and re-recorded some of her previously released songs for the project which consists of 3 volumes in 45 songs.  6 recording sessions taking place since 2018, Honey finished this project in Sept 2023 releasing Volume I in November 2023.  Many of the songs on this project have already won songwriting awards which contributed to Honey being named “2023 Songwriter of the Year” by the Austin Songwriters Group International and a nomination for Best International Female Artist of 2023 by Radio Wigwam in the UK.  

Honey has showcased at the Buddy Holly Songwriters Festival, Texas Songwriters Symposium six years in a row, NSAI Tin Pan North Festival, Hugh’s Room, the WinterFolk Blues and Roots Festival in Toronto, the Kingsville Folk Music Festival, and the Folk Music Ontario conference. Her music and songwriting have not only taken her through Canada and the U.S but to the U.K., Switzerland, and Italy.

And magic indeed is how Francine feels in the last year, still flying high from the 2023 Austin Songwriter of the Year prize which included 4 days in the studio with Gabriel Rhodes. Honey and Rhodes started writing songs together in 2023. In Feb 2024, Francine recorded a 10 song album live-off-the-floor in Austin, Texas co-produced with Gabriel Rhodes. 7 of these 10 songs co-written with Rhodes. This new album. A Place in Time, will be released starting with a Christmas single “Christmas, What Took You” in Nov. 2024.

In Francine’s own words, “Off the beaten path where the wildflowers grow, beyond the fences I find my soul.”

Francine Honey, renowned singer-songwriter, weaves tales of resilience and authenticity through her Americana, folk, and blues melodies. Transitioning from a government career to full-time music, her journey reflects a commitment to her passion for storytelling. With international acclaim and numerous awards, including Songwriter of the Year, Francine inspires listeners with her soulful sound. While collaborating with industry giants and releasing multiple albums, she remains dedicated to uplifting others through her music, embodying the ethos of pursuing dreams and finding strength in one’s own story, as reflected in her latest life story in song album, “Rockets In My Boots.”

Francine Honey, acclaimed singer-songwriter, shares heartfelt stories through Americana, folk, and blues. Award-winning and internationally recognized for her soulful sound and dedication to storytelling. She transitioned from a government career to full-time music, and her passion for healing and inspiring others shines in her music.

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Francine Honey blends Americana, folk, and blues, sharing heartfelt stories through music. Authentic songs and a passion for inspiring others define her remarkable musical journey.


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Can't Press Reset

“A little country with the grandiose
Francine Honey
and her golden voice…Can’t Press Reset is a melancholy ode to this year 2020 very special…”

“Un peu de country avec la grandiose
Francine Honey
et sa voix d’or, en direct du Canada ! “Can’t Press Reset” est une ode mélancolique à cette année 2020 très spéciale…”

“…a song that captures Honey’s undeniable charm with hues of Americana, folk and country gatherings…”



“… cute reflection on this entire period of global pandemic and social mobilizations, country-American style.”

-Zimel Magazine


“..vocal-powered melodicism with a pastoral and poetic bend…”



“….a dispatch of decadence we all needed right now…an elegant vibe…Francine Honey’s “Can’t Press Reset” is can’t-miss music from a singer/songwriter a lot of underground ears are starting to get really excited about.



“…brilliant…a strong voice and exceptional instrumentation… “



“A powerful track that comes to us from the insularity of a mandatory quarantine, “Can’t Press Reset” doesn’t try to get political with its message nor the substance of the statements it makes about comradery – on the contrary, this is a song meant to unite us in harmonies as rich as a sunset on a cold December day.”

-Levi Colston


“…the instrumentation is spot-on precise…there’s no escaping the undertow her vocal harmony creates…refreshing and optimistic…



“You can’t fake the warmth that Honey is guiding everything here with – her voice is truly an entity that takes over the spotlight regardless of what anyone puts it beside, but it’s being employed in a fashion here that doesn’t erase any room for her backing band to throw down some charisma of their own.”



“…a knack for picking the perfect material to suit her gilded pipes…a definitively aware ballad that has been adjusted to rock gently and with sustaining charisma, and I do believe it’s going to make a lot of this singer/songwriter’s most loyal fans very happy…



“…Honey is known for going the extra mile…Melodic and heartwarming in just the right ways…“



I Carry On

“Honey doesn’t need any bells and whistles when she sings; she’s got her voice…melodic gold…
-RJ Frometa

” The lyrics dance like lovers unaware that the world is about the end in the duet, and even when the music fades away, it’s hard to shake the harmonies that they give themselves over to for at least 24 hours…”

-Mindy McCall


“When you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will find that you can relate to many of the sentiments in the song. Including asking yourself “Where does this courage come from?” when you get through a challenging situation…

These two make great writing partners!

This song is more than just a great message though. It’s also a great melody. It’s a song that you’re going to want to add to your playlists and enjoy over and over again.”

Front Porch Music


“…a message of inspiration… Honey texturizes every word of the lyrics with a melodic fragility that is breathtaking in a track like this one.” 

-Samuel Pratt


“When you get a couple of singers like Robert Gray and Francine Honey together for a duet, you can rest assured that sparks are going to fly, and that’s exactly what happens in the new video for the single “I Carry On.” The collaborative take on “I Carry On” sees this pair of players drawing the boldest harmonies from each other possible. “

-Levi Colston


“A serene song that manages to captivate us on this cold day…”



“Francine Honey successfully transitions Canadian country singer to the internationally-recognized songwriting master she’s undeniably been for at least the last two years…As a vocalist, Gray is the masculine yin to Honey’s yang, warming up the backend of the track with a throaty melody that sways beside hers like a leaf in the summer wind.”

Mindy McCall


“…you’re guaranteed to feel the signature chills this composition sets off whenever it’s played…one of the most important artists to keep your eye on in the Canadian underground.”



“…a lush ballad anyone with a taste for country-pop can appreciate. Steeped in Americana and mild singer/songwriter themes, “…a musician clearly on the verge of breaking through the mainstream…She’s onto another winning formula here.”


Sebastian Cole


“The song is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to overcome the challenges that life throws our way. It asks the question: Where does this courage come from?”


Jenna Melanson



To Be Continued

“…brimming with warm harmonies that are as sprawling in style as they are simple in design…a picture window into the heart of one of country’s burgeoning powerhouses.”

-Gwen Waggoner


“…finding her place atop a crowded country hierarchy…intimate and charismatic…a noteworthy highpoint in her young career.”

-Mindy McCall


“..a rich, welcoming adventure for those who who embrace pensive, cautious and gorgeous songwriting.”



“..a classy singer doing what she does better than most anyone else in her scene can…If there’s one artist that serious Americana aficionados should be following this year, it is unquestionably Francine Honey, who is pulling out the big guns in her new music video and rebelling against the meager standards of a mainstream country sound that is anything but exciting these days.”

-Sebastian Cole


“..a life lesson in the form of a melodic poem…a stellar record, and this single and music video are its crown jewel.” 

-RJ Frometa



 “..a rootsy ballad worth your time…music enthusiasts who live for contemplative Americana really can’t go wrong with what Francine Honey has compiled for us in “Stay,” which collectively sets the bar just a little higher..” 

-Michael Stover


“..a strong singer/songwriter sensibility far outside the purview of many of her peers and contemporaries…brimming over with wisdom and..freewheeling musical spirit.”

-Mark Druery


“To Be Continued …peaks at just the right points….“Shacked-Up Sweetie” is a glorious blast of honky tonk with gritty snap in the guitar work and an appealing bluesy yet commercial sound.” 

-Drew Blackwell


Red Sky

“…entrancing new single…”

“..gritty, yet dreamy, with her own unique take on the folk/country genres.”

This song is the first single that Francine has released since her critically acclaimed album “To Be Continued…”. This song features deep rich vocals that are treated and accompanied by deep harmonies that compliment her vocals beautifully. This song sends shivers down your spine, and ensures that you keep listening.”


Take Me To the North Pole

“Check out the three originals! ..I have been won over by the charm of their musical personality!”

Connor Ratliff


“Francine and her album are so delightful. Corny? Yes. Truthful? Yes. Just like Christmas itself? Yes.
On her fourth release – Francine is in a merry mood for a few reasons. Mostly – her new album sounds like she wanted it to sound. Live on the floor with very few tweaks and a lot of musicianship. Add Francine’s vocals – it is Christmas magic.”

-Rick Keene

“There’s nothing like some good Christmas music, even from the unlikeliest of places! Written in the summer, and recorded during a heat wave!”

-Chris dela Torre


“Christmas Round My Tree… a bittersweet ode to those feeling grief or loneliness during the most social time of the year.”

-Heather Kitching



One Sheet


Hold On Was A Finalist in Blues and Roots Radio's International Awards 2021!

“..a strong singer/songwriter sensibility far outside the purview of many of her peers and contemporaries…brimming over with wisdom and..freewheeling musical spirit.”

“Sensuous string arrangements and vivacious vocal spectacles are what I’ve come to expect from Honey, and she delivers nothing short of her very best in this latest release…She’s got a fire that I don’t see going out any time soon.”

ISC2018_SemiFinalist-logo HONEY AMERICANA
ISC2018_SemiFinalist-logo STAY** AMERICANA**
ISC2018_SemiFinalist-logo STAY** LOVE SONGS**
ISC2018_SemiFinalist-logo HONEY BLUES
ISC2018_SemiFinalist-logo STAY UNSIGNED ONLY


2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition SEMI FINALIST Song: “Stay” Category: Folk/Singer/Songwriter on the album “To Be Continued…”

2017 Canada South Songwriting Contest Finalist – song “Mamas Take Bad Dreams Away” on To Be Continued…

Texas Songwriter’s Symposium – Canadian Showcase Artist 4 years in a row.