I Soldier On…A song of loss, pain,
and fighting the war within your head when the battle is over. 

Official Music Video: Nov 10, 2014 
English Version and French Version 

From the album: Re-Drawn
Album Release: October, 2014

Sometimes you hear someone’s story and the song comes on its’ own. Those songs, many call “gift” songs because it truly is as though, as a songwriter, you are simply holding the pen. By chance, I saw a TV interview with a Canadian soldier Sergeant Chris Downey. He was wounded in Afghanistan in May, 2010 after being hit by an IED buried in the ground. He suffered many wounds; burns, broken bones, aneurysms, the loss of his front teeth, some of his upper lip and his right eye. He could not walk, talk, or see. This man, with the help of an organization called Soldier On, has overcome his injuries. After seeing this story on the news in Nov 2013, I was so inspired by his courage and honesty to share what he had been through that I sat down and the words for this song fell out of the sky. I found Chris and he reviewed the song and we made only 3 small changes to the song.  What an honour it has been to create a French version of the song “I Soldier On” entitled “Je Vis Sans Limites” and to raise funds and awareness for the Soldier On organization.rue love is just bigger than all of that.

Song Lyrics

I Soldier On

Francine Honey SOCAN (2014) Co-Written By Chris Downey

Been dragged through the dirt, Been ravaged by war 
Shot at and hated, Beaten and scarred, 
Along this dusty road
I’ve been sweeping for mines, I’m hit this time
My blood’s on the ground, I think it’s the end, 
Fallen in desert land

I stand up and I soldier on, My wars been fought and won
Stumbling through the fire and haze,
Somehow, I survived today
I stand up and I soldier on, I soldier on


I lost my right eye, the blast scarred my skin  

My nights filled with terror, Of what I once lived, can my life begin again?
I know there are others, Who silently suffer
My tour of duty’s now a war in my head,
And I’ve gone undercover

Repeat Chorus
Service for our country, The horrors we have seen
For we are only human,  We are not machines
I’m fighting for my daughter, who holds my hand at night

Her smile is all I need to bring me, bring me back to life

Repeat Chorus

I stand up and I SOLDIER ON

More About This Song

I was recently asked if it was okay for a teacher to play the french version of this song for his class, and when I told Chris he went a step beyond and recorded a video for the class!

Since writing this song, I was able to perform it live for Chris at a fundraising event and am honoured to continue to know him. He continues to inspire me and has trekked to the South Pole, completed the London Marathon, ran from Trenton to Ottawa as part of the Afghanistan Soldier On relay and summited Mount Kilimanjaro. He was re-instated in the military after 4 years of recovery and continues to serve our country. He is a true inspiration and one story of many soldiers who have served and continue to serve our country. To read more about this song and the story, click HERE.

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