Girls' Weekend

A song about friendship, fun, and relaxation. 

Official Music Video: Sept 30, 2022

From the upcoming album: Rockets In My Boots (2023)

This song celebrates friendship!  Especially the special connection women have with our BFFs!  Slather on the sun tan lotion and get ready to celebrate your time away with your girlfriends.  I started “Girls’ Weekend” when I was getting ready for one of my own Girls’ Weekend Getaways.  I love my gal pals and time away with them is really special. We always laugh and cry and get into all kinds of shenanigans!

But most of all we build each other up!  I asked my girlfriend and fellow singer-songwriter Patti Dixon from Austin to write it with me.  We have a great time when we are together and I wanted that gal pal camaraderie to come through in the song.  Given what a great singer Patti is, I asked her to contribute some background vocals to the song.  So add this one to your pool playlist, get your girlfriends together, crank it up, sing along and be the Queen Bees you are!   

Song Lyrics

Patti Dixon (ASCAP) and Francine Honey (SOCAN)

I’ve got my margarita by the pool
I’ve got my chickas, we ain’t got no rules
Nobody’s asking us to do a thing
Crank up the music, wanna hear us sing

oooo oooooo
oooo oooooo
Girls’ weekend
Goes by too fast
Girls’ weekend
It won’t be the last
We are the Queen Bees,
We bring the honey
Flying high feeling spunky
All my sisters, my best friends
Nothing better than a Girls’ Weekend

We must’ve have laughed a hundred times today
Then tonight no telling what we’ll say
The drinks are flowing but our lips are sealed
We’re never gonna break our sister deal

oooo oooooo
oooo oooooo
Girls’ weekend
Goes by too fast
Girls’ weekend
It won’t be the last
We are the Queen Bees
We bring the honey
Flying high feeling spunky
I love my sisters, you’re my best friends
One crazy picture at the very end

Hey fellas, it’s alright
We love ya but ya know
We just need to be with our sistas sometimes
oooo oooooo
oooo oooooo
Girls’ Week-end Girls Girls’ Week-end
Girls’ Week-end Till Next Time Girls!


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  1. Girls' Weekend Francine Honey 2:39

Behind-the-scenes Photos of Girls' Weekend with co-writer Patti Dixon in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Fun song! Nice voice. I enjoyed your song on Facebook. I’d accept the free copy of your CD but I have no player anymore.🤷🏻‍♀️

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Francine Honey: Lead Vocal
Patti Dixon: Background Vocals
Will Kimbrough: Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Fats Kaplan: Guitar and Lap Steel
Dan Mitchell: Piano
Dean Marold: Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums
© Patti Dixon (ASCAP) & Francine Honey (SOCAN) Published by Patti Dixon Music and SongsByFrancine

Dylan Alldredge: Recording Engineer
Recorded at: Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville, TN and
The Honey Music Hive, Leamington, ON
And the Song Mill, Boulder, Texas
Mixed by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by Jim DeMain at YES Master
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
℗ Francine Honey 2022