The We, We Used To Be… A Song of 
Love and How it Grows and Changes Over Time.

Release Date: August 18th, 2023

This song is a call to every couple to find a way back to the days when you were “tangled up in sheets” at 3 A.M. Time changes people, and it may seem as though all is lost at times, however, love grows and becomes something new and you realize that you don’t want to go back to that because your love is deeper now.

This song takes you on a journey of longing for the way you used to be when love was young and new. As time goes on, every couple goes through different seasons. While you may long for “The We, We Used To Be”, when you look at your relationship you realize that your love is deeper than the couple you used to be and just “as the planets circle the sun” gravity does pull you back together and always “’Cause deep down, I love you more than I did way back when, we were the we, we used to be”. 

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Song Lyrics

Francine Honey (SOCAN)/SongsByFrancine

I don’t want to fight
There’s nothing left to say
I don’t need to be right
I want us to find a way, back to

The We, we used to be
The We, staying up ’till 3
The We, tangled up in sheets
I remember the We, we used to be

There is no way back
Time has changed us both
Have we flown off the tracks?
Or could it be, we’ve out-grown

Repeat Chorus

As the planet circles the sun
Will gravity pull us together again?
Cause deep down, I love you more
Than I did way back when, we were

Repeat Chorus


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  1. The We, We Used To Be (Single) - Francine Honey 3:26

Behind The Scenes Photos


Neilson Hubbard, Drums and BGVs, Producer
Danny Mitchell, Piano
Will Kimbrough, Guitar
Juan Solorzano, Guitar
Dean Marold, Bass

Dylan Alldredge: Recording Engineer
Band Recorded at Skinny Elephant Recording Studios, Nashville, TN
Vocals recorded at Honey Music Hive, Leamington, ON
Mixed by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by YES Master and True East Mastering
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Label: Honey Music Hive
℗ Francine Honey 2023