Rockets In My Boots, Volume 1 Digital Download


Pre-order the digital-only version of volume 1 of Francine’s life in song album: Rockets In My Boots!

The album will be releasing November 10th, and on the day of release you will be sent links for the full download of the album!

The track list for the album includes:

1. Hello, It’s Nice To Meet You
2. Cadillac (Extended)
3. Racing In His Blood
4. Come Sit In My Chair
5. Momma
6. Chez Mon Oncle Lucien
7. Just Passing By
8. Rockets In My Boots
9. Crossed The Line
10. Hunker Down
11. Can’t Break Through To You
12. Re-Drawn
13. Red Sky
14. Believe In Me
15. Better Think Again

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