Space… A song for relaxation and self-care

Official Lyric Video: July 18, 2019

From the album: to be continued…
Album Release: Oct. 12, 2018

Written in Emmetten, Switzerland on vacation and realized how stressed I was. St. Jakob Church was just down the street and the bells rang every 15 minutes morning and night. I would wake up in the night and not be able to get back to sleep because I would think of my full calendar and all the things I needed to do.

Song Lyrics

©Francine Honey (SOCAN)

Should I turn left or right?
What of the dreams I have at night?
I’m on a course without a map
Too busy to know
where I’m at, I need

The space to be, the space to see
The space between my soul and me
On an odyssey, Of discovering
The space between what will and will not be

I’m twisting up and twisting down
Into the node and spin around
Find the centre of my soul
I’m a single point and also the whole, I am

Repeat Chorus

The stories I’ve told myself
The ringing of St. Jakob’s bells
Wake me at night, take the sleep from my eyes
I’ll fly away like the eagle in the sky, into

Repeat Chorus

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  1. Space Francine Honey 4:18


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Live Performance at: Winterfolk -Blues & Roots Festival 

 Watch Francine’s video taken hiking in Switzerland and see why the hills are alive with the sound of music !

How did this song make you feel?

34 Responses

  1. Just beautiful Francine! It made me feel like I need to take more time for me. Hard to do with work and family commitments.

    1. Thanks for listening Anna-Lisa and for commenting. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I need to keep doing this myself!

  2. Another beautiful song. you are so lucky. Not everyone can talk about writing a song in Switzerland! I too have had to learn how to clear my calendar of “stuff” to make time for what really matters to me. Clearly that’s working for you too!

  3. so anticipate each new day knowing your email will be there with a new song experience for me . . . what will I do when they’re all done?

    Revisiting writing myself lately, who knows what else creatively? Thanks for the inspiration, Francine; very inspired to allow for the “space” to be, dear one.

  4. This is my favorite. I don’t often hear you play that gentle way. Like the high notes also. Really like the message of the song.

  5. Oh my I can relate to this song so much. Where I am right now in my life …. to find that Space for me with in my soul. Thanks for the wonderful words.

    1. Yes, for sure. I have been there Maureen! It happens to each of us and there is a light at the end. Keep looking after yourself. Thanks for sharing and for listening.

  6. This is by far my favourite song so far. It’s so soothing and the message behind it is so much deep. Your inspirations are amazing and it translates to the page so well. It takes someone special to create something like this.

    1. Thanks SO much Davey! Your comments and kind words mean SO much to me. Yes, this song is one of the deep ones. Thanks for listening! xo francine

  7. Very appropriate song for me. In 3 years, I retire from the government and hopefully i’ll Have more space in my life! Jo with love!

    1. Hi Joane. I am SO glad you won a t-shirt today because you will need to listen to the song and wear the t-shirt to remind yourself to try to make some time before retirement. Thanks for posting and hang in there. xo francine

  8. I’ve listened several times. So comforting.
    Especially like how you’ve ended each verse with an opening into the chorus.

    1. Thanks so much Catherine. As a songwriter, I spend a lot of time thinking about little things like that and I am glad I decided to keep those variations in because YOU noticed. Thankful. hugs…francine

  9. I didn’t comment after midnight when your email arrived and I didn’t comment at 5 when I was awake for the day! Francine, each of your songs are so personal. I believe most women (can’t speak for any men), will connect with your words. I certainly do. And the music fits the words, the moods, etc. so well. Or perhaps it is the the words that fit the music? I’m neither a song writer nor a singer… I’m glad that you are.

    1. Wow Sheilah. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad this music has touched you! Thank you, truly humbled! hugs….francine

  10. Such a beautiful and relaxing song. Thanks for sharing. Love the higher voice pitch at the end. And the story behind the song . xo

    1. Thanks Marie. We live in a crazy world sometimes and then we lose ourselves to the calendar and time doesn’t stop. So glad it resonates with you. hugs…francine

  11. Hi Francine

    I love this song! This song describes exactly how I feel. I have been having my ups and downs. Life is good but I feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. And its those times where I have learned to take a deep breath, tell myself all is well and to trust the process of life. To keep doing what Im doing and have faith that everything is as it should be in the moment. And I have to remind myself to take the time and space away from the craziness of the world so that I can clear my mind of these stresses. Sometimes I feel stuck and frozen. I know what I need to do and I know where Im going, but fear of the unknown can overwhelm my faith. So… when I take that time for myself to process things, I can always see my divine path more clearly without fear!! I am able to handle anything that comes my way!
    Space…we all need it!

    Thank you for your wonderful voice!

    1. Thanks for sharing Britt…ah yes, taking the time to quieten down and listen to that space between your soul and you is the place where things become clear. I am so humbled that this song brought all of things to you. Keep on, keeping on. hugs…francine

  12. A like the gentleness of the song and it makes me picture my favorite relaxing memories of places I have been.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Chantal. I so much appreciate you listening and commenting. Hugs….Francine

  13. I’m so excited to wake up and listen to DAY6. Just listening to the audio from my bed and it feels so calming and relaxing before the start of another hectic day. Thanks for the reminder

    1. Ahhhh, yes, the 3:30 am wake up and not able to get back to sleep. I suffer from that too some days. I am glad you found some truth in the song. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. This is a beautiful song Francine. It’s difficult to take the time for yourself to do what you would really like to do. Life just seems to get in the way. Lots of things to do and there doesn’t seem to be enough time….thanks for making me realize we all need our space.
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend ??

    1. Your are most welcome Kathy. Thanks for sharing and I think we all lead such busy days nowadays. I am thankful for you! Hope you can relax and just sit outside for a bit this weekend with ones you love! xo….Francine

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