A Custom Written Song


I am opening up 4 spots in December to make a very special gift for you and someone you love.  Their very own song!  This is a one of a kind gift and believe me when I say, that it will touch them like no other gift.  They will weep and will forever have this special message and song written just for them.  I’d love to help you with this special gift for you!

I have a simple process that I use that to collect all of the information I need from you (and a few others if you like) and I will handle the rest! I’ll come up with an initial song idea and melody, which instruments will fit the style you have requested and you’ll be involved every step of the way.  once you’re happy with it, I’ll record a the song myself for you as a Francine Honey production and provide you with an MP3 and design a cover for the song using a photo you will provide.  This normally takes about 4 weeks.  Let’s get started!

Examples can be found on the “Songs For You” section of website, but here’s one that I made previously: https://francinehoney.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Trudy-Francine-Honey.mp3

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