Re-Drawn…Francine Honey’s Second Album,
An album of rebirth and discovering who you really wish to be. 

Album Release: October, 2014

  1. I'm Outta Here Francine Honey 4:05
  2. I Soldier On Francine Honey 5:39
  3. What Really Counts Francine Honey 4:16
  4. You Got Into Me Francine Honey 5:23
  5. Shedding My Fears Francine Honey 4:41
  6. Re-Drawn Francine Honey 4:10
  7. The Perfect Man Francine Honey 4:15
  8. My Witness Francine Honey 5:48
  9. I Melted Francine Honey 4:21
  10. Je Vis Sans Limites Francine Honey 5:39

From an interview regarding this Album: …Honey recently faced the uncertainty of change by retiring from the computer technology industry where she built and managed large web-based systems to focus full-time on the music that’s been lying dormant in her heart since her childhood and teenage years. “I admit I’m getting into this somewhat late in life,” she says. “But when my 18 year-old daughter and 16-year-old son, kept telling me to “Get a life Mom!” they really were showing wisdom beyond their years.  After spending time thinking about what my life would be after they left the nest. I realized I had stories to share, and there was still an opportunity for me to at least try and turn my musical hobby into my profession.”

“My son was worried about what I would do after he left the nest,” says Honey, “so at his encouragement, I started writing songs again.”…


Album Credits

1. I’m Outta Here (4:05)

2. I Soldier On (5:38)

3. What Really Counts (4:15)

4. You Got Into Me (5:22)

5. Shedding My Fears (4:40)

6. Re-Drawn (4:09)

7. The Perfect Man (4:15)

8. My Witness (5:48)

9. I Melted (4:20)

10. Je Vis Sans Limites (5:38)

All songs written by: Francine Honey ©SOCAN 2014
Additional Songwriting contribution by Lang Bliss on “I’m Outta Here”, “You Got Into Me”, and “My Witness”
Produced by: Lang Bliss
Recording Engineers: Colin Heldt, Lang Bliss
Mixed by: Tony Palacios at The Palace, Nashville, TN
Mastered by: Matt at Midwest Audio Mastering, Nashville TN
Recorded at: Diff’rent Wirld Studio, Nashville TN
Strings Recorded by: Bobby Shin at Little Big Sound Studios
Additional Vocals for “My Witness” Recorded by: Ed Evereart at Stonehedge Productions, Kingsville ON
Arranged by: Land Bliss and Francine Honey
Lead Vocal Coach: Jeff Mathena
Guitar: Jason Roller, Mark Townsend
Bass: Lee Jones
Keys: Al Babyok and Lang Bliss
Drums: Lang Bliss and Eric Darken
Harmonica: Zane Bliss
Strings: David Davidson, John Catchings
BGVS: Francine Honey, Renee Garcia, Lang Bliss, Jeff Mathena, Sophia Nelson
Album Cover design: Zack Berjawi
Photographer: Max Wedge Photograpy, Francine Honey, and Lang Bliss

Live Videos And How It Was Made

Behind the scenes photos

What's your favourite song on the album?

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  1. Francine, I had not listened to to this album before. I really enjoyed it . I especially liked the song “My Witness ” How many albums have you actually recorded ? Waiting for your new one !

    1. Hi there Linda! That is so great to hear. “My Witness” is such a cool song. Thanks for letting me know your favourite. I have recorded 4 albums so far! If you check out my music page, you will see all of my music there. Thanks for listening and for your note! Sending hugs xo francine

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