Personal Songs

A 'Personal Song' is a song that is written for a specific person, special occasion or commemoration.  You basically are hiring me to write a song for you for that person.  It is a unique and special gift to give someone.  

When I started writing songs again after a long hiatus while raising my two children, I wrote songs for those people in my life.  It started with the song "Come Sit In My Chair" for my Dad, who is a barber.  I wrote it because he was celebrating 50 years as a barber and it was his birthday.  I played the song for him at the Tweedsmuir Hotel in Tweed as part of an Open Mic on his actual birthday.  Oh wow, what an experience.  He was so touched by the song that it brought him to tears and did so for about a long time afterwards.

My mother's birthday wasn't far behind, so I wrote a song for her too called "Momma".  I performed it for her as well at the Tweedsmuir while the band playing that night were on a break.  It was very nice of them to allow me to do this for my Mom.  She too was blown away.

That started a streak of writing songs for my family and friends for special occasions.  "More Than A Sister" for my sister, "Virginia" for my daughter, "My Witness" for my parents and others celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary are just some of the personal songs I've written.  The song "I Soldier On" was inspired by someone as well.  I love people's stories and love to write about them.

If you have someone special in your life, an event coming up, say a marriage proposal, a special birthday, an anniversary, you kicked cancer's butt, and would like a song to commemorate it,  I would love to be a part of it.  Please contact me and I'll give you more details.

Come Sit In My Chair

As mentioned above, my Dad has been the barber in Tweed for over 50 years.  Not only was he the local barber in this small community but he was active in the community of Tweed, Ontario.  He started the Kinsmen Club, drove his ski do across the lake in the summertime to raise money and helped many people that would sit in his barber chair.  This song commemorates all of those things.  Stories of how he cut people's hair, then they would get married and have children.  He would cut their hair as well and then when they died, he would given them their last haircut and style.  This song has a country feel because this man loves country music.  It has touched my entire family and also a new piece of history for the town of Tweed.