My Heart Is There With You…
A song of love that transcends distance and of missing someone over the holidays!

From the album: Take Me To The North Pole
Album Release: Nov. 12, 2019

I was in Nashville recording this Christmas album alongside Nashville’s True-badour Verlon Thompson, and I was commenting on how much I loved this song and admitted that I was too shy to ask him if I could record it!  I couldn’t believe it when he said that I could record the song if I wanted to!  I was so touched! Verlon taught the band and I the rest of the song and we recorded it then and there.

What an honour that was and to record that song with Verlon was one of those magical moments you hear about in Nashville. Who knew it would happen to me!  Verlon has been a wonderful mentor and I am honoured to call him friend as well!

Song Lyrics

My Heart Is There With You
Written by Verlon Thompson

It’s just a line to let you know
I think of you and miss you so
And even though I’m far away
My heart is there with you

I hope you have a season blessed
With peace and love and happiness
That everyday will bring to you
Another dream come true

Let’s close our eyes and raise our glass
To the times we’ve shared in days gone past
To the memories that we’re thankful for
And to making many more

It’s just a line to let you know
I think of you and miss you so
And even though I’m far away
My heart is there
You’re in my prayers

And my heart is there with you

Listen to Official Audio

  1. My Heart Is There With You Francine Honey 2:14

My Heart Is There With You (Live Duet with Verlon Thompson)

Watch Verlon and Francine's duet performed live in Leamington in Nov 2019.

Behind the scenes photos

Who do you miss the most over the holidays?

11 Responses

  1. Verlon wrote it and you two nailed it at the show. A special moment…
    I miss my mom and dad…they made Christmas special!
    Have a great show!

  2. Such a beautiful song. Glad there have been so many magical moments for you Francine on this journey — and glad you shared many of your moments with us! I believe many people would respond family and friends are what might be missing most over the holidays. Some, however, might answer more lightly with the word sanity and quiet time (the holidays are so busy)! I try to not focus on what is missing and enjoy each day. Best wishes for a very happy holiday season!

  3. So thrilled for you (and us!) Francine, that Verlon not only “let” you record this heartfelt & sweet piece that he wrote, but joined you in the recording of it, what a memory to cherish!

    I miss my folks, my brothers & my child, your question has me watering my face.

    Thought I would be attending your entire show tomorrow night, but it turns out I double booked myself (!) so will be arriving late, weather permitting; I know the time will be magical.

    1. You can simply bring your other plans to the show with you! Thanks for being a part of this journey and looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow night!

  4. What a nice video with you and Verlon Thompson singing together!
    I really loved it!

    Looking forward to the Live on Facebook tomorrow night!

    BTW love your hair long, it looks amazing on you!


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Written by: Verlon Thompson
Francine Honey: Lead Vocals
Will Kimbrough: Electric Guitar
Verlon Thompson: Acoustic Guitar
Juan Solonzo: Electric Guitar
Dan Mitchell: Keys
Dean Marold: Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums, Percussion

Recorded and filmed at Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville, TN
Recording Engineer: Dylan Alldredge 
Mixed by Dylan Alldredge and Neilson Hubbard
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by Jim DeMain at YES Master
Cover Photo by Jeff Fasano, Sign by Rick Latam
Photos: Joshua Britt
Artwork by Gabriel Altrows, IndiePool