Honey… A song of desire, want, need, romance, love …

Official Music Video: Oct. 12, 2018

From the album: to be continued…
Album Release: Oct. 12, 2018

When I became a Honey, I had to write about desire from both points of view.

Song Lyrics

©Francine Honey (SOCAN)

Red dress, stilletos, Fishnets on thighs
Hair curls on my shoulders
Red lipstick, smoky eyes

Hey honey honey, Hey honey honey
Give me some honey tonight
Hey honey honey, Hey honey honey
Give me some honey tonight

Suit pants, belt buckle
Button shirt, huggin’ you tight
Black tie, Adams apple
Shiny shoes, sparkly blue eyes

Repeat Chorus

Only you make me this crazy
A bee buzzing round the hive
You’ve got that special something,
Mmm, Drives me wild

Repeat Chorus

Listen to Official Audio

  1. Honey Francine Honey 3:21

Live Acoustic Version
Dale's Friday Coffeehouse
Leamington, ON

Behind The Scenes Photos

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43 Responses

    1. Haha….well, I love singing it because it is fun and shows a deeper part in all of us and I do love my Honey! Manuka of course 🙂

  1. Great job, real down to earth, heartfelt.
    Love the gloves… Adds to the ambiance, Hope you enjoyed your day, sent a message on what’s app.!! Rock on baby!

    1. Hey Lori! Thanks so much for listening and I’m so glad you like the gloves! lol Thank you for your lovely message and hope you are enjoying these songs everyday! Hugs xo Francine

  2. Smokin’ hot “lady in red” here, for sure . . . you never cease to surprise, Francine (definitely inspired to”get busy”) ~ now, if I only had some honey soap with which to sweeten the hive, right? (wink, wink)

    1. Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for the comment and for listening! And yes, vacuuming is lots of fun as Dale suggested in the live performance at the coffeehouse! lol and I think you are onto me lol…xo francine

  3. Happy birthday here too. Love the song, and the red dress story… All of it. Have a beautiful day. Amazing voice,,,. Still need to find the amazing honey soap story ha.

    1. Thanks! Yes, finding the red dress was fun. Hey keep looking at the page and you will find a secret link! wink…francine

  4. Amazing video! It turned out amazing! Phenomenal song even if the tone isn’t something I like from my mum :). Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday in person.

    1. Hey David! I wasn’t sure what you’d say about this one. lol You know how much out of my comfort zone that is and the hunt for the red dress and for your support of my dreams in music. You and V are always so supportive. The best children, now adults a Mom could wish for! Looking forward to celebrating with you too. See you soon 😉

  5. Francine, love the song and the beat . You look so good in the video with your sparkling dress! Well done! I missed yesterday, but will catch up. Today is a special day for you and I wish you a wonderful birthday. Love you, admire you and very proud to be your cousin. All the way from Vegas baby!

    1. Merci Jo! Thanks so much for listening all the way from Vegas. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, hope you danced to the song in your hotel room 😉 big hugs back…xo francine

  6. Francine,

    WOW!! What a voice!
    You look amazing in the video! Love the red dress!
    Everything about this song is damn sexy!

    Happy Bday!!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Kathy! I can’t think of any other way to spend it than with all of my peeps listening to some new music!

    1. Hey Kathy…thanks so much listening and for the encouragement. I had to step out of my comfort zone for this one for sure. And Richard Tonizzo really made it fun and helped me so much.

    1. Thanks so much Marie! There were a lot of moves that didn’t make it into the video…they were too steamy! More like I messed up! lol

  7. I really like this one. I heard you perform it live in Leamington at The Bank theatre fundraiser and was an instant fan.

  8. It really is an awesome adventure watching you and seeing all you have accomplished in such a short time (relatively speaking). As part of your writing circle, and as a dear friend, you inspire me …always. Looking forward to your …Continued Success!
    -Happiest of Birthdays and much love to you ??☮️?? Jacqui

    1. Thanks so much for the comment J! 4 years ago today was my CD release for Re-Drawn and I remember seeing you in the audience rocking it out. Thanks for being such a supporter and cheerleader! Hugs…xo francine

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Francine Honey: Lead and Background Vocals
Beth Neilsen Chapman: Background Vocals
Will Kimbrough: Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Kris Donegan: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Dan Mitchell: Keys, Fluglehorn. Background Vocals
Dean Marold: Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Eamon McLoughlin: Fiddle

Dylan Alldredge : Recording Engineer
Recorded at Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Dylan Alldredge and Neilson Hubbard
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by Jim DeMain at YES Master
Photos by Neilson Hubbard and Joshua Britt
Artwork by Kyle Atkinson, Craft Design House
© ℗ 2018 Francine Honey (SOCAN) Published by SongsByFrancine