Hello World! A message from Grade 4 students.

Hello World - This original song for peace is part of a "Skype in the Classroom" project to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 1 - "No Poverty" & Goal 16 - "Peace..." "Hello World" is written by the students in Mrs. Reeb's Grade 4 class at St. Louis School, Leamington, ON Canada. Thank you to the students for expressing their heartfelt hopes for bringing peace to the world. This song was written in 80 minutes. Each group came up with 2 lines for the song and then we brain-stormed together on the solutions which form the bridge. These words are their message to you. This video was recorded a week later in the same time period. Each person had a role to play and some students are working behind the scenes. All played an important role.

What an honour and a privilege. Thanks to the students for being so honest about their concerns, thanks to Mrs. Reeb and a thank you to ALL teachers for what you do. This is why I am a songwriter! What joy in creating music with these children about a subject that is so dear to my heart and theirs...PEACE. The future shines bright in our youth. Thanks for writing a song with me, Mrs. Reeb's Grade 4 Class.  Please like and share. 


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