An Ordinary Woman… Francine Honey’s First Album
An Album of accepting who you are,
and finding the extraordinary in all things

Album Release Date: 2015, Original Recordings 2008

  1. 01 Shedding My Fears Francine Honey 4:41
  2. 02 Come Sit in my Chair Francine Honey 3:51
  3. 03 Momma Francine Honey 4:59
  4. 04 An Ordinary Person Francine Honey 3:05
  5. 05 I Run Francine Honey 3:02

An Ordinary Woman (In Studio) is a re-imagining of some of the first songs I produced from home back in 2008 when my passion for writing was re-invigorated. These songs were the beginning of my transformation as an artist, and were my first big step towards professionally produced music.

Track List

Album Credits


1. Shedding My Fears (3:27)

2. Come Sit In My Chair (3:51)

3. Momma (5:00)

4. An Ordinary Woman (3:05)

5. I run (3:40)

All songs written by: Francine Honey
Additional Songwriting Contribution by: Lang Bliss on Track 2
Produced/Recorded/Mixed by: Mark Plancke, Sharktank Productions
Mastered by: Phil Demetro, Lacquer Channel Mastering
Arranged by: Francine Honey and Mark Plancke
Album Cover Photography: Max Wedge Photography
Album Design: IndiePool
Lead Vocals: Francine Honey
Background Vocals: Francine Honey, Nancy Mills, BJ Laub, Merrill Mills, Chris McLean, Mark Plancke
Rhythm Guitar: Francine Honey, Dale Butler
Lead Guitar: Christ McLean
Mandolin: Dale Butler
Bass: Kevin Gagnon, Dale Butler
Drums: Kevin Venney, BJ Laub
Percussion: Mark Plancke
Keys: Mark Calcott, Mark Plancke

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