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I always dreamed of having a song on the radio. Now that dream has come true. My song “Open Road” has been released to Canadian country radio.
Big day today!  I am happy to share with you the Official Music Video for “Mamas Take Bad Dreams Away”. 
Hello World! This original song for peace is part of a “Skype in the Classroom” project to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Going to Assisi has always been on my bucket list. I am named after my grandmother Francina but also share the name and birthday of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. 
Check out the new lyric video for my original Christmas song “Christmas ‘Round My Tree”.  This song was inspired by my father in law who was spending his first Christmas alone.
So this happened today!!! Beth Nielsen Chapman joined me in the studio to add her beautiful voice to one of my songs.
I’ve decided to take my sweetie’s last name – I am now Francine Honey. There is also a new album in the works.  I am excited to be working with Neilson Hubbard.
This original song is a collaboration by Essex County writers inspired by living next to Lake Erie.  The song was written at a songwriting workshop in Leamington.
Ron Beer hosts a Canadian showcase at the Texas Songwriters Symposium each year. This year I was thrilled to be asked to be part of it.  
As the coordinator for the Songwriters Association of Canada Regional Writer’s Group, which meets in Leamington, I have met some great local songwriters.  
Merci Radio-Canada and thanks to CBC Windsor for their support of both my songs inspired by Chris Downey and others who serve our country.
Thank you for voting for “I Soldier On” in CBC’s Canada-wide Searchlight contest. I’ve now made it into the Top 25 for the Windsor area. Yeah!
I hope you like how these songs have progressed in the studio. Thanks to Mark Plancke and the local musicians who helped bring these songs to life.
All proceeds from the sale of my singles “I Soldier On” and “Je Vis Sans Limites” will be donated to the Soldier On fund.
As we drove along the 401 we noticed people standing on an overpass.  As we continued on our journey, we saw overpass upon overpass filled with people waving Canadian flags.
Three more sleeps till the band and I load all the gear into the big truck and hit the road for Ottawa.  Looking forward to seeing you all!
In less than a month, I will FINALLY be 50! I’m seeing many of my dreams coming into reality. An album of my original songs has been completed, and now I get to perform them live.
I played at the Wheatley Legion today as part of their 100th year anniversary for the annual fish fry weekend.  It reminded me of being home in Tweed…
Thanks to all of those that came out to celebrate the official launch of the album “Re-Drawn” and to celebrate my 50th birthday.  What a warm, fun and receptive audience!
The last couple of days have been spent in Picton and Tweed shooting a music video for my new song “Come Sit In My Chair”.
After years of dreaming of being able to wake up every morning and simply create, I find it interesting how things get in the way of doing just that.
The saying “Time flies when you are having fun” was researched this past August.  In fact, the new research actually shows that “Time flies when you are having goal-motivated fun”.
Since I moved to Toronto in April, there have been many times when I wondered what I had done – I felt like a stranger in my own skin. Happy to say though, I am finding my way.
Big news to share. I am moving to Toronto in three weeks. A whole new world of music awaits me. Before then, I am playing a couple of Open Stages in Ottawa.
I have been in a busy writing phase and working on polishing up some of the existing songs for the new CD.  I’m looking forward to going into the studio in the fall.
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