2020 Vision (Single) - Francine Honey

2020 Vision… A song of dreams, goals and fulfilling them

They say hindsight is 20/20. Seeing the future is harder, of course. But, each one of us is looking forward to something. Working toward a goal, a plan, a dream.  I spent decades working, saving and planning for that date.  As a single Mom, I wanted to be financially secure when I retired. And 2020 was the year I planned to cross that finish line.

Luckily for me, I shifted to music years ago and am doing what I love for life!  I have been working harder than ever and was planning on slowing down in 2020 though to spend more time with my family, travelling, playing music, seeing my friends, reading all those books that have piled up. But as we are so often reminded — especially this year — life seldom goes according to plan.

Sometimes all we can do is put our head down and take it one step at a time. Until one day, when we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We reach that milestone. We start a new chapter. And if we’re lucky, we can look back on our journey  with clarity, wisdom and then acceptance. And perhaps a bit of 20/20 hindsight.  This song describes my dreams for 2020.  What were yours?

2020 Vision Single
Release Date: October 16th, 2020

Song Lyrics

2020 Vision
Francine Honey (SOCAN)
1.  I signed the paper with the year 2020,
in the box, marked date to retire     
That was 30 years ago, and I didn’t believe   
I’d be free at 55

Couldn’t see the future the path wasn’t clear 
I climbed that corporate ladder, focused  on my career 
Working for that day to be here

2020 Vision
I had a 2020 Vision
I could see it, feel it
This 2020 Vision of mine

2. Thought getting older, would have taken much longer
With all those twists, and turns in the road
But the photos full of smiles are  memories of the miles
Of the places I didn’t know I would go

Every setback was a lesson, Some I didn’t want to learn
There was  crazy busy fun, but some  bridges got burned
Looking back I know, I needed every twist and turn

2020 Vision
I have 2020 Vision
I can see it, feel it
This 2020 Vision of mine

Is it really too good to be true?
Can my workin’ days really be through?
Get out of this race, do what I want to do

I’ll make music and play like a child
Spend time with my kids, read those books in the pile
AND Visit with ALL of my friends I haven’t seen in a while

That’s my
2020 Vision
2020 Vision
I can see it, feel it
2020  Vision 
This 2020 Vision of mine.

I signed the paper with the year 2020

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  1. 2020 Vision Francine Honey 3:51

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What were your plans for 2020?

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Francine Honey: Lead Vocal
Pat Buchanan: Acoustic Guitar
Juan Solorzano: Guitar and Lap Steel
Dan Mitchell: Piano and Organ
Dean Marold: Bass
Neilson Hubbard: Drums and Background Vocals

Dylan Alldredge : Recording Engineer
Recorded at Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Neilson Hubbard
Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Mastered by Jim DeMain at YES Master
Cover Photo by Jeff Fasano
© ℗ 2020 Francine Honey (SOCAN) Published by SongsByFrancine

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